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The best kind of productivity is the one that creates impact and opportunity for you as well as other people.

When Quiet Productivity is the Most Powerful Use of Your Time | April 2024 Productivity Report | The Swedish Organizer

Quiet productivity is all the unseen work that someone does to get to the next level – the early mornings, late nights, or other trade offs that are made in order to facilitate change. You see, what we perceive as someone’s overnight success is only ever surface-level stuff. Only you pay attention to you. No one else (unless you have a partner, or work with me one-on-one) gets to witness the hard work first-hand. Only the tip of an iceberg appears above the surface. In this month’s productivity report, we tackle loud productivity vs. quiet productivity, and when to choose which.

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A true measure of success is how well you align your life pace with your external environment. This was my takeaway from March 2024’s productivity repor

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Let’s talk about the term “anchoring” within the context of productivity. It’s the idea of having an aligned anchor that grounds whatever process you have in place – a reset point – by which you can then measure progress.