That's OK! In true organizing fashion, here is a flowchart to help guide you through the decision.
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Not sure what path to choose?

Question 1 - Do you need help personally or professionally? 


Question 2: Are any of these items photos, memories, or digital files?

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The Ultimate Photo Organizing Masterclass

Question 3 - are you making consistent sales in your business?


Question 4 - Do you have proper systems set up for your business?


Question 5 - Do YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO ENJOY life outside of work ?


I need help with organization in my home and with personal items. 

My business feels like a hot mess, and I want your help to fix it.

YES, I need help with my personal photos, videos, and other memories. I want to prioritize my family history, so it's safe, organized, and backed up. I'd love to learn about photo organizing. 

Maybe some, but I'm focused on sorting out the physical clutter in my home, especially in my kitchen, closets, and storage spaces. 

YES, I'm making a lot of sales. In fact, I have a so much to do that I'm struggling to keep up. Sometimes I feel like I'm stretched to the max!

NO, I'm having trouble finding enough clients and I'm struggling to make enough money. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

YES, I have all of my workflows, SOPs, KPIs, and policies in place, and the business runs really well. We know how to find what we need and our team communication is efficient. Everyone pretty much knows what to do.

NO, I don't. I know you're "supposed to" have systems and operations, but I'm not sure where to even start. It feels so overwhelming to think about it. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure I quite understand what it all means.

YES. I'm happy with my work-life balance overall. My priority now is to improve efficiency in a variety of ways, both for myself and my team, so that we can deepen our impact. What would help me the most is customized support from an expert who gets me.

NO, I spend most of my time working. I love that everything is going well, but I started my business to have a lot more free time than I currently do. I want to be able to work a little less, but I'm not sure how to create that type of schedule. Gimme some more freedom, please!








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"Working with Caroline has been great. I tend to make decisions very slowly, and definitely needed someone to hold me accountable."

- Emma lawson

okay, i totally wanna chat!

"Marissa is seriously a godsend! She completely changed my business mindset and now my biz is thriving!"

- zahara l.

okay, i totally wanna chat!

"Marissa is seriously a godsend! She completely changed my business mindset and now my biz is thriving!"

- zahara l.