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Caroline was recently named a top organizing and decluttering expert by Redfin. Check out the article she were featured in here: 19 Must-Read Storage Hacks for a Cluttered Home!

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As an entrepreneur, there is less of a divide between ‘leisure’ and ‘work’ and assets and to dos' can become overwhelming and never ending.

As a creative entrepreneur herself, Caroline gets that, and encourages looking at things in a uniquely holistic, calm and pragmatic way.

Caroline manages to make the complex simple, breaking things down into manageable chunks that actually make you excited to get stuck in and do the organising work!

Always with a spirit of inspiration and kindness at the heart, Caroline has supported and motivated me to connect (and organise!) the dots so I can deepen into my purpose in a more peaceful, practical and productive way.

Organising is a lifestyle and I have so much respect and gratitude for Caroline's work and wisdom.

Anna Murray,