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The Organizing Formula is a mini-primer that introduces some of the concepts of professional organizing and project management to help you get started on your own. It's is a suitable read if you've ever wondered what a professional organizer does and how it's different from cleaning and tidying up. It'll also give you an overview of the basic steps that most professional organizers use in order to help their clients. 

You'll walk away understanding how you can shift your thought process to approach your organizing from different angles, rather than doing the same thing over and over again, and - hopefully - it'll provide the clarity you need to move forward on your own. Sign up for it in my academy.

The Organizing formula
THE Blog archiveS

If you're looking for articles on productivity, project management, general organization, and more, look no further than the blog here on this site. That's where I share my takeaways and insights in the industry, along with my productivity reports, and much more. This blog is suitable for business owners, content creators, and workers in any of the creative industries.

For specific articles on personal photo organizing and its applications within the family history space, hop on over to visit our sister-site OrganizingPhotos.net. We have hundreds of articles and free resources there specifically on how to organize personal memories.


To help you get more done during your work day, I've created a simple PDF guide called the Top 6 Ways to Increase Daily Productivity, that you can download here

This guide contains simple quick things you can do to get focused and avoid distractions, and it's a suitable read for anyone who works from home or remotely in public places. 

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Creating Space is the name of my monthly newsletter, and i've named it that way because of all the ways I help people create space - on their calendars, in their homes, and in their minds. It's my way of sharing my collective resources in one email, so you don't have to search for them all individually. 

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My Youtube channel has lots of videos on the topics of project management, planning, digital organization, photo organizing, etc., and I keep adding to it every month. I invite you to subscribe to my channel for notifications when I upload new content. 

If you have any suggestions on videos you'd like to see - whether it's tutorials or ideas on organizing in general - let me know! I love making videos, and I'm always excited to share tips and tricks in that format.

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When you sit down to do Quarterly Planning with us, you will audit your life and business in a way that clearly reveals your priorities for the next three months. You'll be able to move forward confidently, knowing that you're spending your time wisely.

Our QP workshops are a subscription membership, but I am listing it here in the free resources because it comes with a 90-day trial. That's right - your first session is on the house, without obligation.
You can participate live or try my planning framework on your own, using the guided video and workbook. Simply sign up here, and get planning!

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"Working with Caroline has been great. I tend to make decisions very slowly, and definitely needed someone to push me to consistent action."

- Emma l.

okay, i totally wanna chat!

"Marissa is seriously a godsend! She completely changed my business mindset and now my biz is thriving!"

- zahara l.

okay, i totally wanna chat!

"Marissa is seriously a godsend! She completely changed my business mindset and now my biz is thriving!"

- zahara l.