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it's time to focus on the right thingS.




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"I thought I knew what I needed to do in the next quarter, but I was so wrong. There's actually something much more important that needs to happen first."

We hear this every. single. time. 

When you sit down to do Quarterly Planning with us, you will audit your life and business in a way that clearly reveals your priorities for the next three months. You will understand where your efforts need to be get the most ROI, and you'll be able to move forward with confidence that you're spending your time wisely.

It's time to stop guessing, and start knowing. 

What if 3 hours could make the difference between the right direction and wrong direction?

Guess what? It can.

Yep, I've heard all of that before, but fortunately, I know exactly how to help.

Will you give me a chance to prove it?

  • How can I prioritize when I want to do "all the things"?
  • In what order do I complete projects?
  • How do I even figure out where to start?

Creative minds always have a lot of big beautiful ideas, but it's hard to know where to focus your attention when everything feels important.

Are you frustrated with setting goals that never get you anywhere?

Let me ask you...

I wanted to do "all the things" too, but I stretched myself too thin, and learned my lesson. That's when I came up with my QP framework, and it changed everything. 

For years, I had too. many. goals.

... True Story ...

Ready To Take Action

Go from feeling scattered and insecure to feeling:

Let's use my proven technique to learn exactly where to focus next.

No More Guesswork.


Can't make the live workshops? ... or would you rather plan on your own? That's OK too. Inside the Academy, we have a guided video walkthrough of the process if you'd like to DIY it. 


clear, written plans of action

You'll join an engaged group of entrepreneurs from different industries in four annual co-working sessions over Zoom to complete your workbook.

LIVE group co-working sessionS

After each session, we share takeaways and plans with each other. There's also plenty of time for Q&A, if there's something you'd like to get input on, or discuss. Let's do this!


"Let's plan our work and work our plan."

Quarterly Planning Workshops


Here's What's Included!

You'll walk away with clear, written plans of action that you can follow during your next few months in business. This will keep you focused and grounded in your decision-making. 


The Investment


I stand by my offers, and you can try this at no risk. Whether you want to participate live, or try to complete a planning session on your own, I believe you will be surprised that the impact planning will have on your business.

No Risk.

90-day free trial



I came into Quarterly Planning thinking that my business systems and operations would be the biggest thing I would tackle. However, because of Caroline’s process, I have implemented several other changes, including completely re-doing my office (stress-free!)! In fact, I started saying no to more things that came my way because her framework showed me that I didn't have the bandwidth to take on new projects and activities. It has helped me institute processes on everything from how I approach laundry to how I fill up my gas tank, which has led to my personal priorities and business priorities both getting accomplished.

Working with Caroline has been phenomenal.

We start each session by reflecting on what happened last quarter. What went well? And what could have gone better? What lessons did we learn, and from whom?
Reviewing the past three months in business lets you celebrate your wins and remember the moments that stood out, whether good or bad, so that we make changes for the better. 

When you join us in consecutive session, you'll start to see clear patterns emerge - patterns we can learn from in order to create the future we want for ourselves.

This part is always inspiring when shared.



So... What Happens During a QP Workshop Session?

Glad you asked, friend! 

Here's what each session consists of:

After our reflections, we complete a 3-part holistic productivity audit in order to pinpoint where your current roadblocks lie on the road to success.

This part takes into consideration both your personal and your professional life, so that you can look at the status quo with fresh eyes. Awareness is key to knowing where to focus, and this process will help you work out what you ought to be focusing on next - for best ROI.

We always get some unexpected answers here, which is fascinating and enlightening at the same time.



Once we know where the roadblocks are located, we move on to implementation mapping, which translates to figuring out how to get past them. It's part goal-setting, and part project management. In other words, we make plans for what exactly to focus on, why, and how to get it all done. 

Yes, this part includes some numbers, but it's more than that. It's about breaking things down into manageable chunks to lessen the overwhelm and to give you a step-by-step roadmap for the coming months. 

With a plan in place, you'll be able to hit the ground running.



Our 2024 Quarterly Planning workshops now include a 15-minute guided mini-session with global EFT / Tapping expert Sherry Lukey, so that you can activate your super learning state.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, and it is a scientifically proven, cutting-edge tool that gives you instant access to your higher brain centers. It's often called ‘Tapping’ because you use your fingertips to gently "tap" on high concentrations of nerve endings on your upper body and fingers. These high concentrations of nerve endings are acupressure points that, when stimulated (tapped), send a calming signal through your body’s nervous system to the emotional control centers of your brain, turning off your stress response. With your nervous system soothed, you can problem-solve, make new connections and have unique perspectives that were never available to you before. It's a safe, fast, and effective way of reaching your next-level self and unlocking otherwise hidden potential. 

15-Min Guided EFT Group Experience with Sherry Lukey

New for 2024!

We hold QP Workshops once every three months in order to plan the for the upcoming quarter in business.

January 5, 2024 @ 2 PM Central US Time

March 22, 2024 @ 2 PM Central US Time

June 14, 2024 @ 2 PM Central US Time

September 20, 2024 @ 2 PM Central US Time

When Do These Planning Workshops Happen?

Save the Dates!

Our 2024 schedule:


At the beginning of every quarter, Caroline offers a masterful experience that sets you and your business up for success. She takes the process to a whole other level! She guides you through her proven step-by-step process for you to gain valuable clarity to make the best decisions. Caroline's work with industry leaders and business superstars gives her a nuanced understanding of what is needed to set people up to do their best. Give yourself the best investment of 2024 to benefit from Caroline's decades of expertise each quarter.

There's planning... and then there's planning with Caroline.

  • Live Group Workshop Ticket x 4
  • Walkthrough Video + Workbook Template
  • Access to Full Replay Archive
  • Cancel Anytime 

First Session Free!

Yup, It's true. Your first session is free!
thereafter $250 / quarter, Billed as a subscription

Replays included!



Yes, of course! As long as they are real entrepreneurs (no bots) who sign up on their own, you are welcome to invite friends, family members, colleagues, and clients to experience a session. We welcome all entrepreneurs from any field and any location.

Can I invite other people too? 

Simple. I love helping entrepreneurs succeed, and I deeply believe in the magic of planning. My QP framework is a proven formula, so I want to share it with as many people as possible.
I believe in it wholeheartedly, just like I believe in you.

Why are you doing this?

Yep, totally free. To sign up for our Academy, you do need to enter your name, email, and billing information, but you have a 90-day free trial. You can cancel anytime from your dashboard when logged in. There is no obligation to stay enrolled.

is the first session really free?




I've been an Organizing & Productivity Pro for over a decade now, and nothing brings me more joy than to see my clients succeed! It's the best thing ever!

I've created these Quarterly Planning Workshops to help entrepreneurs from all across the globe set better and more aligned goals, and I hope you're one of them.

Cheering for you,

I'm Caroline... and I'm here to help you set better goals.

Hello Friend!

What I like about working with Caroline is that she takes a whole person approach to planning, so it's about your personal life and your business as well. 
I highly recommend this process and using her as your guide!

A "Whole Person" Approach.

Say hello to a brand new plan.

Say goodbye to random to-do lists.

Can you do planning on your own? Of course, but it's THAT much harder. There are so many distractions and other things that can get in the way. Join me in these guided sessions instead, and let me hold the space for you to shine. Let's work together towards excellence.

A little focus is all it takes. Let me hold the
quiet space for you.