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You love your work, and you're passionate about the impact you want to create in the world, but work-life balance just doesn't exist, and you're wondering if it ever will.

You started working for yourself to have MORE time for the things that matter, not less.
And all of a sudden, you're putting in twice the hours you did before....sacrificing night and weekends to make work actually work.

You're patiently waiting for the day when you'll be able to finally *take a break, only that day isn't coming fast enough. And you're sinking.   


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☑ You're frustrated by the fact that fun keeps taking a backseat...

You'd like to have more space in your calendar for the things that light you up. 

Not just once, but every week!

☑ You struggle to see progress in your business even though it feels like you're working all the time...

Why does it feel so difficult to get a grip on things?

☑ Your feel scattered because you have a hard time finishing what you start...

You want to complete those passion projects and finally get more of your work out into the world, but how?

Fear not, creative genius! I've got you!

Let's stop prioritizing projects you're not passionate about and focus on what moves the needle... In this program, I'll show you how to prioritize what matters, so that you can get back to the things you love.

Let's stop overwhelm in its tracks... In this program, I'll show you how to make plenty of progress using smaller steps, so that you can get back in the driver's seat and run your business with clarity and confidence! Bring it on!

Don't martyr yourself for the benefit of the world...In this program, I'll show you how to tighten up the operations side of your business, so that you can also care for the person who wears all the hats - you!



What it would feel like to:

Regain control of your agenda, so that you can free up more space in your calendar

Prioritize your passion projects and consistently get them done

Shorten your work week to 3 or 4 days without losing momentum or sales

☑ Track your weekly progress,  so that you have complete clarity on what's working

Proactively work towards the betterment of humanity while living in total alignment

and best of all, ☑ Make Mondays FUN again! 



It's my passion to help brilliant minds get more done, and do it in a way that is nourishing instead of draining. With the launch of my new program Mindful Monday Mapping, I can finally help more entrepreneurs faster!

Mindful Monday Mapping is a year-long online program based on my proven framework for creating a shorter work week. By implementing the four pillars of this framework, you'll learn to set better business goals, achieve them, and create more space in your calendar - all at the same time!

Your path to freedom starts with a business that lets you take time off,
so let's start putting some white space on your calendar!

Join us and we'll show you how!

a proven framework for creating a shorter work week that helps your business thrive at the same time!



I’m an Organizing & Productivity Coach, and I help creative entrepreneurs just like you organize their lives & become more productive, so there's more time for exploration and play!

I'm a Golden Circle Member of NAPO (The National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals) and I run my business online full-time as a basecamp digital nomad.

I created my Mindful Monday Mapping strategy to make Mondays fun again, and to create a thriving business that supports me and what I want, not the other way around!

I've taught this framework to hundreds of clients, and I'd love to help you next because you deserve to do your own thing, be profitable, AND have fun at the same time! Yes, it's possible!

Join me in this year-long program to learn how to set better business goals, achieve them, and in the meantime, create a shorter work week for yourself!

What would you do with an extra day or two off?

Hejsan, I'm

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As an entrepreneur, there is less of a divide between ‘leisure’ and ‘work’ and assets and to dos' can become overwhelming and never ending.

As a creative entrepreneur herself, Caroline gets that, and encourages looking at things in a uniquely holistic, calm and pragmatic way.

Caroline manages to make the complex simple, breaking things down into manageable chunks that actually make you excited to get stuck in and do the organising work!

Always with a spirit of inspiration and kindness at the heart, Caroline has supported and motivated me to connect (and organise!) the dots so I can deepen into my purpose in a more peaceful, practical and productive way.

Organising is a lifestyle and I have so much respect and gratitude for Caroline's work and wisdom.


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