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It’s Time to Save Your Photos!


The Ultimate Digital Photo Organizing Masterclass that Takes You from Chaos to Organized in 90 Days or Less

Get a grip on your digital photo collection once and for all with proven strategies and step-by-step instructions!


Let's Untangle Your Digital Photo Mess!


If You Want to:

Finally Get Your Digital Photo Chaos in Order

Free Up Space on Your Mobile Devices

Simplify and Streamline Your Digital Workflow Process

Understand How to Backup, Sync, and Share Your Photos

Keep Your Digital Photo Collection Safe and Organized for Generations to Come


Become a


...And Go From Disorganized Mess to Backed-Up Bliss in Less than 90 Days!


5 Reasons Why You Need to Organize Your Photos NOW:


1. If your photos aren't backed up, they aren't safe! Millions of photos are lost every year due to natural disasters, tech failures, and household accidents.

2. Technology keeps changing. Your media formats are becoming outdated fast!

3. The burst feature on your phone has been activated! The photos will keep coming and your digital mess will only grow with time!

4. Your stories are being lost in what scientists are referring to the Digital Black Hole! Let's fix that!

5. When you know where your photos are, you can actually enjoy them, which is why you took them in the first place! Learn how to create a lasting legacy for your family and future descendants!

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Meet Your Instructor

Caroline Guntur

Caroline is a Certified Photo Organizer, Genealogist, and Personal Historian, specializing in digital organizing and family history. She is the CEO of The Swedish Organizer, LLC, a company that provides customized photo & media solutions to clients all over the world. She blogs at

Caroline is a Professional Member of the National Association of Organizing and Productivity Professionals (NAPO), the Association of Professional Photo Organizers (APPO), and the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG).

A native of Ystad, Sweden, Caroline has a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communications from Hawaii Pacific University, and a Masters Degree in Media Management from Columbia College. She currently serves as Director of Technology & Communications for NAPO Chicago, and divides her time between the United States, and Sweden. 



DPO PRO: The Ultimate Digital Photo Organizing Masterclass is the result of my years of work in the professional organizing industry combined with my background in photography, family history, and multimedia. I have spent a long time perfecting the workflow process to optimize it for the best results, and by joining this class, you will get access to the exact steps you need to take in order to become a photo organizing pro. If you do the work, I promise that you will see significant results in your workflow and organizing skills, and if you don't, you will get your money back. 


Who is This Course for?

Let's face it! There are many people out there who could benefit from this course, but that's not why I created it!

I created it to help people who care about family history. People who care about life's little moments. People who understand the value of memories, and who want to make sure their photo legacy is protected and passed down through the generations!


If You Are:

The Designated Family Historian

A Hobby Genealogist


A New Photo Organizer

This Course is for You!

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Want a Sneak Peak?

Here's an excerpt from Module 2:


"Caroline has developed an incredibly comprehensive Digital Photo Organizing course based on her extensive technical and topical knowledge and experience. She covers all pertinent functionality and goes above and beyond what is typically covered in such courses."

- Bonnie Shay, Mariposa Creative Solutions

Here's What You'll Learn in All 10 Modules:

(Click on every plus to see exactly what's included in each module!)

+ Module 1: Getting Started

In this module, you'll find an overview of the entire course, as well as your course workbook. You'll also define your learning objectives. We're just getting started!

  • Welcome to the Course!
  • Learning Objectives
  • Download Your Masterclass Workbook

+ Module 2: Taking Inventory

In this module, you'll learn about why you need to gather all your photos in one place. You'll learn how to do it and how to stay organized during the process. We'll also go over some common file formats and start taking inventory of all your devices!

  • Where Are Your Memories?
  • What File Formats Do You Have?
  • Gathering Your Photos
  • Assignment: Let's Take Inventory
  • Download: Complete Digital Photo Roundup - Devices
  • Download: Complete Digital Photo Roundup - Online

+ Module 3: Your Digital Photo Hub

In this module, you'll learn what a DPH is, how to select one, and how to use it. You'll also learn about formatting your DPH, and why that's important to do before your start to organize.

  • What is A Digital Photo Hub (DPH)?
  • Designating a Digital Photo Hub
  • Formatting Your Drive: Mac, PC, or Both?
  • Assignment: Designate Your DPH

+ Module 4: Importing Your Photos

In this module, you'll learn how to import all your photos from different souces, and how to get your photos off your phone and other storage devices in the simplest way possible.

  • Importing Photos from Your Devices
  • Importing Photos from Your Online Accounts
  • Introduction to iMazing
  • Assignment: Let's Import Your Photos

+ Module 5: Sorting Your Photos

In this module, you'll learn about the different types of sorting, how it's different from the overall organizing process, and what common mistakes to avoid.

  • Sorting Basics
  • Sorting Option #1: Chronological Sorting
  • Sorting Option #2: Thematical Sorting
  • Sorting Option #3: Sequential Sorting
  • Sorting Option #4: Combination Sorting
  • The Unsorted Folder
  • Common Mistakes To Avoid
  • Assignment: Let's Sort Your Photos!

+ Module 6: Editing Your Photo Collection

In this module, you'll learn why it's important to curate your photo collection, how to deal with duplicates, and how to set rules for quality.

  • Masterpiece Thinking™
  • Duplicate Dilemma
  • Assignment: Let's Edit Your Collection

+ Module 7: Organizing Your Collection

In this module, you'll learn about the details of organizing, such as your folder structure, naming files, and adding metadata. You'll also learn the basics of facial recognition, geo-tagging, and ratings systems.

  • Overview of Module 7: Organizing Your Memories
  • The Escape Route: Independent Folder Structures
  • Organizing Edits & Versions
  • File Naming Basics & Best Practices
  • For the Love of Metadata
  • Adding & Editing Metadata: Titles, Captions, & Descriptions
  • Facial Recognition Basics
  • Geo-Tagging Basics
  • Batch Processing of Files
  • Assignment: Let's Organize Your Photo Collection

+ Module 8: Backing Up Your Photo Collection

In this module, we lay the foundation for having a secure backup system for your memories. You'll learn why optical media isn't the best backup option, the recommended methods, and how to set up an automatic backup.

  • The Basics of Backing Up
  • The 3-2-1 Method
  • Why Not CDs & DVDs?
  • Backing Up, Syncing, & Sharing: What's the Difference?
  • Making it Automatic
  • Protecting Your Physical DPH
  • Assignment: Let's Back Up Your Collection

+ Module 9: Demystifying the Cloud

In this module, you'll learn about using the cloud as both a backup strategy and as a sharing technique. You'll also understand your digital rights as well as how to select the best backup option.

  • What is the Cloud?
  • The Cloud Interface: Basic vs. Online Family Archives
  • Your Digital Rights
  • Introduction to Forever
  • Introduction to FamilyArc
  • Assignment: Let's Set Up Your Cloud Account

+ Module 10: Finding Your Flow

In this module, you'll understand the role a good workflow plays in your overall photo management, and how to find the right flow depending on your tech level.

  • From Beginning to End: Finding Flow
  • Assignment: Create Your Ideal Digital Photo Workflow
  • Download: My Digital Photo Workflow Chart

+ Tech Training

Not sure how to copy and paste files, set up Time Machine, or organize natively? Fear not! This optional module contains all the tech training you need in step-by-step tutorial videos.

  • Navigating Your Finder (Mac)
  • Native Organizing in MacOS (Mac)
  • Native Organizing in Windows (PC)
  • How to Check the Formatting of Your External Hard Drive
  • Formatting to exFAT in MacOS
  • Formatting to exFAT in Windows
  • Importing Photos from an SD Card
  • Importing Photos with Image Capture
  • Importing Photos with AirDrop
  • Batch Renaming: MacOS & NameChanger
  • Adding Metadata in Windows
  • Let's Do a Manual Backup Together
  • Let's Set Up Time Machine Together
  • Using Zapier to Sync Your Photos

Tech Training is added & updated regularly.

+ Extras

Special bonuses and discounts:

  • Join the PRIVATE Facebook Community
  • Get a FREE trial account at Forever
  • Save 5% on a new account at FamilyArc
  • Save 10% on ioSafe Media Storage Products
  • Save 15% on iMazing Software
  • Save 20% on Mylio Subscriptions

"I thought I had a pretty good photo organizing system, but this course taught me that I shouldn't just think of today's convenience, but also about preserving my memories for the future. The course was easy to understand and offered great tips, options, and resources to help me create a long-term photo organizing system that works for me. I can't imagine how sad and angry I would be if I were to lose all those photos!"

- Yuzu Sasaki-Byrne, Neatopia

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On the Go a Lot? Check!


This course is completely mobile-friendly, and with short, actionable videos, you can get through the entire course in under 5 hours! Learn at your own pace!

"My family's once organized photo collection had started growing out of control. Caroline's course helped me commit to doing what I could do to get things under control again, and gave me the education and tools I needed to do it... I loved the step-by-step approach! I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to be involved in the process of getting their photos in order."

- Kelly Brask, Chicago

DPO PRO Combines My Experience as a Media Pro with Proven, Time-Tested Professional Organizing Techniques to Get Your Photos Organized, One Step at a Time!

 I CARE about Your Photos! 

As a Certified Photo Organizer and Personal Historian, I truly believe few things are as important as your memories. After all, if you don't have them, what do you have? So I'm going to show you exactly what to do to keep them organized and safe. It's my mission in life to save as many photos as I can from what scientists are referring to as "the digital black hole."

In this digital photo organizing class, I will be showing you the exact step-by-step organizing formula I've used over and over again to organize my clients' photo collections. This is what they pay me the big bucks for!

Not only will I show you how to get organized, but I will also show you how to stay organized, which, believe me, is much harder! I will not let you fail!


If You Have Ever Tried Getting Organized and Failed, You Didn't Complete the Steps in the Right Order.

Organizing is a process, just like cooking, so if you try to make a pancake before you've made the batter, it's not going to work. Right?

Chefs can experiment, yes, but that's only because of the years of practice and learning they have gone through. I bet they took a cooking class or two...and studied with a mentor. They have mastered the craft, know the ins and outs of all the ingredients, and can improvise based on their needs.

But that's not for novices.

If you're a beginner, and you try to experiment, your dish is probably going to end up in the trash a few times before you get it right. But once you have the recipe, it suddenly becomes much easier. 

This Course is the Recipe!

( Yep, This Actually Works! )


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Updates? Special Requests? You Got It!


Technology Changes Fast, It's True!

That's Why You'll Have Access to All Future Updates!

And if There's a Tutorial You'd Like to See Included,

Request it!

"I know what a good teacher is because I have been supervising and evaluating teachers for 22 years. Effective teachers have a real understanding of who their students are, have clear goals for their developments as learners, and know how to help their students meet their goals. Caroline does all of that beautifully. Many people have a great understanding of technology, but few can teach what they know to others. Caroline has led me to become an active and effective participant in the twenty-first century. It has been transformative."

- Ann Cronin,

Why Should I Buy This Course?

Can't I Just Google How to Do This?


Glad you asked! I suppose you could Google some of this stuff, but let me tell you why that wouldn't be such a great idea! Here are the top 3 reasons why you should invest in this course with me:

1. I'm Guaranteeing You a Specific Result!

That's right. This is a biggie. You're not really paying for the course, you're paying for the outcome. Your photos will be organized. Your workflow will be seamless. And if it isn't, we'll figure out why and fix it. Together.

Google can't do that.

2. You’re Getting Education, Not Information

This isn't just a bunch of random information that makes no sense. This is a proven strategy that takes you from A to B in the least amount of time possible. Each lesson builds upon the previous one to ensure that you're actually developing skills and applying everything that you're learning to your digital photo collection. In short, you don't know what you don't know, and I'm gonna tell you exactly what that is. 

Google can't do that.

3. You're Getting Me - Your Personal Coach!

When you enroll in my class, I take your education seriously. I take your time seriously. I take your investment seriously. I'm committed to your success and I'm going to be there every step of the way to make sure you graduate on time. I'm going to motivate you, and keep you accountable. I'm gonna be the kick in the pants you need to finally get this done. 

I work for you, not for Google.

Let's Do This!

Select Your Payment Type to Enroll!


One-Time Payment

1 Payment of $1297


Payment Plan

6 Easy Payments of $237 


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Want Another Sneak Peak?

Here is an Example of a Tech Tutorial!


"As a relatively new photo organizer, I was fortunate enough to try out Caroline's course, and I was so impressed! She was able to break down big topics into manageable chunks, which helped diminish the overwhelm...I really appreciated that the modules were only a few minutes long each, and you can stop and go as you wish, or even leave out a lesson if something is not relevant to you. I can wholeheartedly recommend this course to anybody who is interested in becoming a photo organizer as well as to anybody who wants to properly look after their photo collection."

- Chantal Imbach, Simply in Order

Frequently Asked Questions:


+ When Does This Course Start and Finish?

This course is on-demand, which means that it's a completely self-paced - you decide when you start and when you finish. It never expires. You complete it on your own time and at your own pace.

+ How Long Do I Have Access?

You have access to this course for as long as it is up and running (I'm not planning on taking it down anytime soon). You can log in anytime with your bookmarked URL and credentials. You will also have access to any updates that happen within the course.

+ What if I Don't Like It?

Your can request a refund for any reason within 90 days of your purchase. No questions asked.

+ What If It Doesn't Work for Me?

If you do the work, the course will work. However, to reassure you, I will make the following committment to you: If you do the work, and you don't see an improvement or the results you wanted, please contact me. I will try my best to help you in any way I can.

+ Is This for Mac or PC Users?

This course is for anyone who needs to keep digital files organized, no matter if your system is a MAC or a PC because the principles taught in this course are universal to organizing your photos.

+ What if I'm a Not a Tech-Savvy Person?

This course assumes that you understand the basic functions of your Mac or PC computer, but there will be a basic tutorial on your operating system available. Once you have enrolled in the class you will be allowed access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions. You can also reach to your instructor for support.

+ What if I Just Don't Get It?

This course will teach you everything you need to know to succeed, but should you need more help, you can just post a question to our private Facebook group, and you will get the help you need! This is my passion, so I care about your memories, and I will not let you fail! I promise!

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Let's Do This!

One-Time Payment

1 Payment of $397


Payment Plan

4 Easy Payments of $109


© 2015-2019 The Swedish Organizer, LLC. All third-party product names, logos, and brands in this course are property of their respective owners and used with permission. DPO PRO® is a registered trademark of The Swedish Organizer, LLC in the United States, and may not be reproduced elsewhere without explicit written permission. By enrolling in this course, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions available on the checkout page, on our website, and our our course site. Although this course will guide you in reaching your photo organizing goals, I cannot predict nor guarantee a specific individual result if you don't do the work. Your success is based on so many variables, including your actions, motivation, and commitment on following through with the coursework, so please understand that individual results may vary.