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The Course that Teaches You How to

Successfully Manage Remote Organizing Projects!

An ADD-ON course to DPO PRO® with step-by-step lessons including tech tutorials and product recommendations! 

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Who is This Course for?

If You Are a Professional Organizer, Photo Organizer, Genealogist, or Personal Historian who would like to expand your services to include remote organizing projects, this course is for you!

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This course will teach you:


  • How to handle the intake process with remote clients, so that you can set and manage project expectations


  • How to set up a communication system with your client for maximum productivity


  • What to ask of your clients, so that you can work more efficiently on their projects


  • How to create an online family tree to help identify all family members and relatives


  • How to leverage the latest technology to communicate and connect remotely to offsite computers


  • Best practices to organize, review, and identify both known and unknown photos and files


  • Best practices for delivering remote organizing projects, and for transferring skills to your remote clients


  • Common mistakes to avoid so you don't lose time, money, productivity - or worse, your files!

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Meet Your Instructor

Caroline Guntur

Caroline is a Certified Photo Organizer and Personal Historian, specializing in digital organizing and family history. She is the CEO of The Swedish Organizer, LLC, and regularly provides remote solutions to clients all over the world, including Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Germany, Spain, and Dubai.

Caroline is a Professional Member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO), the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO), and the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG).

A native of Ystad, Sweden, Caroline has a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communications from Hawaii Pacific University, and a Masters Degree in Media Management from Columbia College. She currently serves as Director of Technology & Communications for NAPO Chicago, and divides her time between the United States, and Sweden. 

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Want a Sneak Peak?

Here's an excerpt from Module 3:


"DPO Remote covers what you need to know about remote photo organizing from start to finish. Caroline’s innate teaching ability is apparent throughout this detailed and organized course. If you are ready to take on remote photo organizing clients, or want to fine tune your current approach, her course is a must!"

- Kristy Stephens, Media to Memories

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Here's What You'll Learn:

(Click on every plus to see what's included in each module**!)

+ Module 1: Welcome & Overview

In this module, you'll find an overview of the entire course, and define your learning objectives. We're just getting started!

  • Welcome to the Course!
  • Learning Objectives

+ Module 2: Preparing to Work

In this module, you'll learn how to prep for your project, including how to conduct an intake session, how to set up a communication system with your client, and what types of products and services to use to look professional.

  • Setting Expectations
  • Client Communication
  • The Intake Process
  • Creating a family tree & timeline
  • Recommended products and services

+ Module 3: Making the Connection

In this module, you'll learn about the different ways to work remotely as well as the pros and con of each method. We'll also go over Teamviewer, which is a popular program you can use to connect remotely to your clients' computers.

  • Your Connection Options
  • Purchasing & Downloading Teamviewer
  • Setting up Unattended Access in Teamviewer
  • Remote Organizing via Teamviewer

+ Module 4: Organizing Remotely

In this module, you'll learn about remote project do's and don'ts, including how to review and handle unknown files.

  • Remote Organizing Basics (Do's and Don'ts)
  • Backing up Client Files
  • Reviewing Unknown Files & Duplicates
  • Organizing in the Cloud

+ Module 5: Bonus Content

In this module, you'll have access to any bonus content that is addded to the course.

  • My Favorite Free Tools
  • Session Prep Checklist [PDF]
  • Join the DPO PRO Private Facebook Group
  • Grad Bonus Offer for One-on-One Coaching

** Subject to change. Content may be modified, rearranged, or added between pre-launch sale and official launch.


"Caroline does not disappoint. Whether you are on the fence about doing remote photo organizing or ready to dive in, there is so much value packed into this course. As usual, the advice is invaluable! 

I learned about excellent tools for client communication, the intake process, and photo organizing, and I loved that Caroline showed exactly how to use many of these tools in her course. I am really excited to try some of the tools and implement many of the ideas I learned about, and I feel much more confident about offering remote organizing services as part of my business."

- Sandra Williams, Infinity Photo Solutions, LLC

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On the Go a Lot? Check!


This course is completely mobile-friendly, and with short, actionable videos, you can get through the entire course in just over 3 hours! Learn at your own pace!


"If you are looking to start offering remote digital organizing services, this is the program for you! Caroline has done an amazing job of putting together a program that is informative and well organized. The course format allows you to easily navigate through the modules as well as quickly finding information you need. I would highly recommend it!

It's well worth the investment!"

- Tammy Smith, Your Snapshot Story

Why Should I Buy This Course?

Can't I Just Figure This Out on My Own?


Of course you can! There is nothing you can't learn on your own, but this course will be a great investment for you, and here's why:

2. It's Faster!

There's a lot to learn, and never enough time! This course will cut through the noise and tell you exactly what you need to know, and in what order, which means you can get back to getting paid instead of googling. 

Save Your Time!

2. Learn from My Mistakes!

Remote digital organizing can be tricky - really tricky - because there are lots of things that can go wrong... and they do - all the time! But you have a chance to learn from my mistakes and avoid the uncomfortable situations that I found myself in when I was first starting out! There's nothing like a little experience!

Save Your Sanity!

3. You're Getting Me - Your Personal Coach!

When you enroll in my class, I take your education seriously. I take your time seriously. I take your investment seriously. I'm committed to your success and I'm going to be there every step of the way to make sure you have the support you need! And if you want it, you get a great deal on one-on-one coaching with me to test out your new skills!

Let Me Help You Get Started!


"As a Swiss-Australian photo organizer living in Melbourne, this course was of special interest to me, not only in terms of working with overseas clients from Switzerland, but also within Australia. The distances are sometimes so big that remote photo organizing will be the only option.

Just like Caroline’s first DPO course, this one was extremely well structured and informative. She generously shares her knowledge and I really appreciated the way she is demonstrating and guiding us through setups in a very clear manner.

The way the course is accessible is also a great plus for me. It enables me to always go back and re-watch specific modules. It will definitely be an important resource for me to fall back on when working with remote clients.

I can’t recommend her courses highly enough!

- Chantal Imbach, Simply In Order

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This course is NOT for you, if:


  • You don't want to offer remote or virtual services

    This course assumes that you are interested in learning how to manage remote projects for your clients, perhaps due to distances, for more convenience, or for additional (global) marketing opportunities.


  • You want to learn how to organize digital files

    This course assumes that you understand the digital organizing process, know how to backup digital files, and have some experience working with clients. If you would like to learn the basics or digital organizing, DPO PRO: The Ultimate Photo Organizing Masterclass is a suitable pre-requisite.


  • You want to learn the details of a specific photo organizing programs, such as Lightroom, Mylio, or Photos.

    This course assumes that you are familiar with the most common file handling & photo organizing programs on the market. This course will provide a topical overview on the different ways to organize remotely as well as the pros and cons of each method, but will not go into detail on each alternative.


Exclusive Pre-Sale: Join Today for $197!

Join at an early-bird rate, and get full access to the content when the course launches on December 1, 2017!

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Frequently Asked Questions:


+ When Does This Course Start and Finish?

This course is currently in pre-sale mode, which means you can join today at a discounted rate, but you will not have access to the content until the course is launched on December 1, 2017. Once they course has been launched, you will have full access to everything! This is a self-paced course, which means it starts and stops on your schedule. Once enrolled, you can log in and watched the course anytime. Your access never expires. You complete it on your own time and at your own pace.

+ How Long Do I Have Access?

You have access to this course for as long as it is up and running (I'm not planning on taking it down anytime soon). You can log in anytime with your bookmarked URL and credentials. You will also have access to any updates that happen within the course in the future.

+ What if I Don't Like It?

Your can request a refund for any reason within 30 days of your purchase. No questions asked.

+ What If It Doesn't Work for Me?

If you do the work, you will see results. However, to reassure you, I will make the following committment to you: If you do the work, and you don't see an the results you wanted, or if you don't understand something, please contact me. I will try my best to help you in any way I can. Promise.

+ Is This for Mac or PC Users?

This course is for anyone who needs help getting started wth remote digital organizing, no matter if your system is a MAC iOS device or a PC Windows device because the principles taught in this course are universal to the field of remote digital organizing as a whole.

+ What if I'm a Not a Tech-Savvy Person?

This course is NOT for beginners! It assumes that you understand your Mac or PC computer well, that you know how to organize digital files, and that you know how to back up files safely. If you are looking for a course to help you with the basics, you need DPO PRO: The Ultimate Photo Organizing Masterclass as it's a recommended minimum prerequisite!

+ What if I Just Don't Get It?

This course will teach what you need to know to succeed, but should you need more help, you can schedule additional one-on-one training with your instructor (not included in price), or posting questions to our private Facebook group (included).


© 2016-2017 The Swedish Organizer, LLC. All third-party product names, logos, and brands in this course are property of their respective owners and used with permission. DPO PRO® is a registered trademark of The Swedish Organizer, LLC in the United States, and may not be reproduced elsewhere without explicit written permission. By enrolling in this course, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions available on the checkout page, on our website, and our our course site. Although this course will guide you in reaching your photo organizing goals, we cannot predict nor guarantee specific individual results. Your success is based on so many variables, including your actions, motivation, and commitment on following through with the coursework, so please understand that individual results may vary. This course cannot account for all scenarios that may occur. Please use common sense, and good judgement in your business transactions.